Airmid Escentuals - Our Philosophy

Bringing a holistic atmosphere into your home with a beautifully hand made candle, melts or e-reed diffuser crafted with environmentally-friendly soy wax or base, the finest essential oils and infused with Reiki. Made in the scenic Irish countryside of Slieve Gullion, County Down, N. Ireland, Airmid Escentuals aromatherapy products with help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed.

Products Offered

All our products are hand made with:

A Family Run Business

Airmid Escentuals is a family run business with Anne-Marie and her Mum, Adelaide making the products by hand in their country workshop.  Anne-Marie has a busy therapy business (Airmid Therapies) and wanted to extend her clients relaxing treatment by allowing them to take something home which they could use to feel the same as they did when they left her therapy room - and so Airmid Escentuals was born!


Bringing Aromatherapy into Your Home

We currently have five aromas available in our hand made candles, melts and e-reed diffusers using our unique essential oil blends:

Warming Orange, Cinnamon and Clove essential oils 

It’s a classic warming scent that fills the room with a comforting aroma. The perfect on a cold, dark evening!

Refreshing Peppermint & Eucalyptus essential oils 

A very refreshing scent, and fantastic to help with coughs, colds and headaches. Excellent if you’re feeling under the weather!

Revitalising Grapefruit and Lemongrass essential oils 

A brilliant energizing aroma and great to have if you have over-indulged. This is the perfect scent to give you an uplifting feeling!

Relaxing Lavender and Orange essential oils 

This brings a balancing aroma into your home. Orange can relieve colds, flu and ease nervous tension and stress. Lavender sooths irritability and helps relax body and mind and helps you unwind. This is the wonderful when you are craving peace and balance.

Clarifying Cedarwood & Pine essential oils 

It smells like you are walking through a forest. This aroma is good for mental clarity, respiratory problems, colds, coughs and sinusitis.  This is the perfect aroma to have when you want to feel grounded and need some quiet time!